Welcome to Synful Eats

Hello, and welcome to Synful Eats, our new dessert delivery service. A huge thank you for exploring our website. We know how busy you all are, so we are extra appreciative that you are taking some time to learn about our labor of love.

Our mission is to provide clients with the best possible experience offering a high end oven to door delivery. Every treat is crafted with the care using the finest ingredients available. Our team sources the same products, and practices the same techniques, that are used in the worlds’ finest kitchens. We prepare and pack our items with the greatest respect for the product and working environment, to ensure that our treats arrive to your door safely, beautifully, and deliciously.

Our concept is an exclusive first offering prepared by our experienced chefs, and our goal is to continue our small batch philosophy to maintain the utmost quality, even if that means you may have to wait to sink your teeth in. However, we do offer a subscription service that will guarantee your sweet needs are always met in a regular cadence, and we hope to meet and exceed expectations to that end. Subscribers also benefit from a complimentary exclusive taste of the flavor of the month, as we “sweeten” the deal with a free half dozen of our seasonal cookies at the beginning of each month created by Chef Sydney and Chef Mike.

We like to think of our product as an elevated gift option to the bottle of wine that, let’s face it, often gets left unopened in an obscure corner of the house. Or better yet, regifted. Let us ease your gifting woes by delivering a product that is of universal appeal – you can feel good by providing it to your friends, and if you are lucky, maybe they’ll even share it with you! So please enjoy with family, order for a friend, or bring with you to your next event. You are sure to brighten someone’s day, even if that someone ends up being you.

We hope to have you back to check out our blog for recipes and tips from our chefs. Please enjoy our indulgence delivered - straight from our oven to your door!