Q: Where can I get Synful Eats?

A:  For now, we offer delivery services in Manhattan and the Hamptons. Stay tuned for statewide shipping, and nationwide shipping to follow!

Q: Am I able to order in quantities smaller than a dozen?

A:  To start, orders will be in quantities of one dozen, two dozen and three dozen, with an option to add on a half dozen to any order. 

Q: How do I manage my subscription service?

A: Want to try new things? Easy, just log in to your account to switch things up! If you’d like to cancel your subscription you will be able to do so anytime after your second order is delivered. 

 Q: When should I expect payment to be processed for subscriptions?

A: For any subscription, payment will be processed the day you made the initial order each week or month.

Q: Will you be introducing new flavors?

A:  Yes!  Every month we will introduce a new flavor, which will be available to those with a subscription. 

Q:  Which of your products are gluten free?

A:  The Double Chocolate Cookie, Dulcey Tahini Brownie, and Caramal Almond Synfilled are all gluten free, but you’d never be able to tell!

Q: Do you have any vegan options?

A:  Not yet, but we have some delicious vegan selections in the works!

Q:  How long do my Synful Eats last?

A:  Your Synful Eats will be most enjoyed within 5 days of arrival. You can guarantee that we’ll never use preservatives or an ingredient we can’t pronounce. To extend the life of your Synful Eats, pop them in the refrigerator for up to a week or the freezer for up to a month. We suggest letting them temper to room temperature, or popping them in a 325°f oven until warmed for a freshly baked taste without the hassle. In a hurry? Less than one minute in the microwave is all you’ll need to bring your Synful Eats back to life!